Websites that are getting ranked on Google in Scotland

Ever wondered how to get a website to page 1 of Google within 2 weeks ? well we have done it in 1 week and whats more the website in week 2 is now getting enquires and has already made its first sales – want to know how we did it?


Well the answer is simple, we did our research on long tail keyword phrases that would be beneficial to the client and then we created a website that was rich in content, we made sure that we created the website with really powerful content and we made sure that all the boxes that google likes to be ticked were done correctly.


Why not have a look at the website today –  go to and type in handyman ardrossan you should see it there in number 5 position.


for more information on hiring a SEO Company please go to or if you are based in Scotland please go to thenetseo


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